Oculus go/guest如何观看:

  1. Firefox realty浏览器打开网站,在浏览器“设置”里,选择“显示”,将“用户代理模式”修改为:“桌面”。
  2. Ok了回到网站,选择要看的视频,点“Oculus go/guest” 立体感强些,(点“苹果系统”人物会近些) ,再点播放器右下角的“眼镜”标志,即可。
  1. Open the website with Firefox realty browser, select “Display” in the browser “Settings“, and change the “User Agent Mode” to: “Desktop“.
  2. Ok back to the website, select the video you want to watch, click ” Oculus go/gues “More three-dimensional, (click on “Apple System” characters will be closer), and then click the “glasses” logo in the lower right corner of the player

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