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有关温蒂 About Wendy
  • ?岁, 168cm,54kg,D+cup,90/61/,91
  • 见了温蒂的身材,你还有什么理由不去健身?温蒂女士,请允许我这样称呼,完美演绎了年龄和身材无关。秘诀就是适当健身,不是要炼出6块腹肌,是一种女性的圆润,温暖。
  • 亚洲人少有的S好身材,中等肤色,皮肤细腻紧致,身体柔软,柔韧性极好。
  • 关键来了:无隆胸,无垫臀,无抽脂。天然,天然。赞一个!
  • 性格非常非常温柔,烧得一手好菜。


  • Seeing Wendy’s figure, do you still have reasons not to go to the gym?
  • Ms. Wendy, please allow me to call it this way. It is a perfect interpretation of age and body. The secret is proper exercise, not to make six abdominal muscles, a kind of sleek and warm woman.
  • Asians’ rare S body, medium skin tone, delicate and firm skin, soft body and excellent flexibility.
  • The key is: no breast augmentation, no padded hips, no liposuction. Natural, natural. give it a like!
  • The character is very gentle and burns good food.

片长:8分59秒(Length: 8 minutes 59 seconds)

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